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Cinema 888 Cassette Wheel (Black - LHD/RHD)

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Cinema 888 Cassette Wheel (Black - LHD/RHD)

The 888 Cassette wheel features the super strong Cinema 888 rim, laced up to the updated Cinema VX3 cassette hub. Hand laced, 3-cross with 14-gauge stainless steel spokes and brass nipples, providing superior strength. This wheel comes standard with a rim strip and both Cinema CR and DR nylon hub guards, making it ready to go out of the box!


  • HUB: Cinema VX3 Cassette
  • DRIVER: 9 Tooth
  • DRIVE SIDE: SDS Right/Left Switchable
  • RIM: Cinema 888
  • SPOKES: 36 stainless steel
  • WEIGHT: 3 lbs

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