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Cinema Dak Pegs (Black / 4.75")

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Cinema Dak Pegs (Black / 4.75")

The signature Dak pegs feature a super strong chromoly core and a long-lasting nylon sleeve, for smooth grinds on the roughest ledges and rails. The exclusive cog design increases the cores end thickness making this peg even stronger than traditional plastic pegs, while preventing the peg sleeve from rotating at the same time. With Dakota Roche’s name on it, you know they can take a beating! Sold individually as a 14mm peg with a 3/8″ adapter.


  • COLOR: Black
  • SIZE: 14mm (3/8” Adapter Included)
  • LENGTH: 4.75”
  • DIAMETER: 38mm
  • WEIGHT: 7.6 oz (4.5")

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