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Color: Black

Size: 2.25"

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Relic Flatout Tire

The Relic BMX "Flatout" BMX Tire is a thicker, wider and more durable version of the hugely popular Wallride tire. This tire provides maximum grip on any terrain and feels very comfortable on trails and dirt courses. The Relic BMX "Flatout" BMX Tire comes with modern riding specs. The Relic BMX "Flatout" BMX Tire can handle 100PSI pressure and feels because of its low profile very comfortable during rolling tricks.


  • Wheel-Size: 20"
  • Tire-Width: 2.40"
  • Tire-Style: Steel Bead
  • Max. Pressure: 100psi (6.9 Bar)
  • Recommended for: Trails, Street or Park
  • Extras: individual profile

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