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Silent Mag Issue 5 Era Scans

Issue V is a very special edition one that focuses entirely on a certain time frame and features a selection of "unseen" photos from an era that was so hugely inspirational as well as pioneering in terms of street riding. Jeff Zielinski has had these scans for near 21 years now and Silent are so proud to bring them to you in the form they should be viewed in.

  • Silent V will be 100 pages and includes 30 riding photos from legends such as Bob Scerbo Edwin De La Rosa George Dossantos Grimaldo Duran Jim Cielencki Joe Kowalski Joe Tiseo Jon Luc-E Englebert Mark Gonzales Ralph Sinisi Smoker Dave Stew Johnson Tyrone Williams Vic Ayala Vinnie Sammon and Will Taubin.

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