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TSG Evolution Bike & Skate Helmet Black

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Color: Black

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TSG Evolution Bike & Skate Helmet Black

  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: The outer shell is made of ABS, which has a high impact resistance, is very robust, & works well in cold weather. The inner shell is made of shock-absorbing EPS, which is highly effective at reducing the amount of energy transferred to the head during an impact. This helmet meets the American skateboarding & trick roller skating standard, the American bike helmet standard, & the European bike & skateboard helmet standard.
  • LOW FIT DESIGN: The helmet’s Low Fit design fully protects the entire back & sides of your head without impairing field of vision or restricting movement.
  • SNUG FIT: The Evolution helmet features the Snug Fit technology, which is designed to follow exactly the curves of the human head shape and achieve a so-called contact ring in the helmet, allowing the head to touch the helmet all around. his provides a wobble-free experience during jumps and other tricks. The helmet also comes with two sizes of pads to adjust your size.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Evolution helmet is light weight helmet, weighing only 460 g / 1.01 lb. It also has premium heat-sealed padding (in two sizes) that is machine/hand-washable, pre-formed and quick drying, so your helmet stays fresh. It also features 14 vents with air flow channels that provides cooling air and exhausts warm air to help reduce discomfort from sweating.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONAL RIDERS: The Evolution helmet is a staple icon helmet in the industry. It has been around for over 25 years and counting. The helmet is used by skateboard & bike pros such as Sam Pilgrim, Amir Kabanni, Matt Jones, Juergen Horrwarth and many more, including Olympic and X-games riders.

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