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United Stealth Plastic Peg

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Size: 100mm

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United Stealth Plastic Peg

Words from United:

"We are not the first company to make a peg with a nylon sleeve, I doubt we will be the last, but we have looked at the standard alloy/nylon designs out there and made some improvements rather than following what everyone else has put out. Firstly we went for a heat treated chromoly inner peg over alloy, this was so that we could use a thinner material which saves weight, adds strength, and allows us to use a thicker, stronger and more durable nylon sleeve, without making a huge bean can peg. As for the nylon, not all nylon is the same, we went for a low friction and tough abrasion resistant material with anti fracture properties that will keep these pegs sliding longer than a lot of others. Tested by all of our team for over 10 months, and hit many times with a large hammer, they have not failed once.".


  • Thinner cromo base peg for added strength
  • Thicker low friction abrasion resistant replaceable nylon sleeve
  • 14mm with 10mm insert
  • Sold as singles
  • 100mm long
  • 40mm diameter
  • Total weight: 182g per peg
  • Sleeve weight: 66g per sleeve
  • Cromo peg weight: 116g per peg

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